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This is my first post.

Hello all and welcome to my first of many blog posts!

Many of you have asked how I feel about going to China in just a matter of weeks. It has all been catching up to me very, very quickly and I feel like there are lots of things to take care of with very little time to fulfill them. Still, I’ve been trudging along as best as I can using the same resources– coffee, stolen WiFi, lots of journaling, and naps in random places that usually are not my own bed (including in the stock room at my work!).

As you can see, the blog’s name is (literally) a work in progress. I still don’t have an official title and until I think of something brilliant and witty, I’ll be taking all sorts of suggestions! So please, send them my way if you think of anything fitting. A certain unnamed friend of mine suggested “I’m the biggest fish in a small pond.” Hmm… not sure what that implies of what he thinks of me, but needless to say I will NOT be employing that name!

I hope that many of you will frequent the page to see what sort of trouble I am getting myself into. I have a feeling I’ll really enjoy this blogging business. ‘Til next time… zai jien! (Goodbye in Mandarin… one phrase I’ve managed to retain in my small mind).


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