Time is a-tick-tockin’

The Mighty List o’ Things I’ll Miss

Aside from the obvious..

Ma and Pops

Ma and Pops..

My favorite pair of crazies

My favorite pair of crazies...

... and this strange mustachioed stunner.

... and this strange mustachioed stunner.

There are a few other American commodities that I think I’ll long for while I’m in China.




Many are astounded to find that I put Tapatio on literally everything. Reserved not only for my tortas al pastor (which should also fall under the “obviously will miss” category), I’ve been known to put this irreplaceable red elixir on nearly everything, including my Eggo waffles (yes, plus syrup).

Oh Senor Tapatio. You’ve been the inspiration for lines in poems, late night munchies. I plan on taking you with me to Beijing to sprinkle generously upon my scrambled eggs and in my brothy Chicken soups.

My heart aches at the thought of a Tapatio-less world.

Unpolluted Skies and Wide Open Spaces

Unpolluted Skies and Wide Open Spaces

Sure, I’d consider myself more of a city girl than a Nalgene-toting tree hugger. Maybe I’m a bit of a closet tree-hugger, with my eco-friendly shopping bags (ah… environmentally conscious people… another thing I’ll probably miss) and general disdain for smog. But I ask you– could anything possibly replace a sky like this? I’ve heard about rain so acidic that it burns your eyeball and the idea of stargazing is completely out of the question. I’ll probably enjoy some of those LA-sunsets topped by a thick layer of fuschia smog clouds. Still, blue is pretty out of the question which makes me a little sad. Gray skies will hopefully offer some comfort when I haven’t seen the sun for the 5th month n a row.


I’m sure that I will bet met by some amazing, large meals in China. However, I will miss the meals I’ve had here with my extended families. Meals marked by copious amounts of meat and a delightful mixture of Japanese, American, a giant pot of rice, and various grilled proteins. I’ll miss the familiarity of sharing gluttonous meals with good friends and people you can easily call family because what binds us is a lot bigger than institutions or even rice… and we ALL know how vital rice is. Still, I look forward to what new foods will show up on the spread at my first hosted potluck. ‘Til then, I’ll retain fond memories of aluminum pans brimming with spam, pots of bubbling chili and the familiar smell of charcoal.
I’ll be missing lots of things that I haven’t thought to list here on my post. All this sad, I strive to follow the wise words of a timid, yet poignant individual…


Take it day by day, not long after things I can’t have or never be able to afford, and enjoy every second of the biggest butt-kicking I’ll ever endure. Besides, I’m sure once I come back, I’ll write a blog entitled, “Things I Miss Most About China.” And the list will probably be a lot longer and include a whole lot more than some hot sauce.


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  1. BK

    haha doode, shouldnt the mustachioed man be a scrubby beardioed man? i dont think ive ever seen J with a mustache…and i know you have a pic of me stored somewhere so that you can post up you will miss me too…

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