More Road Trip CHAOS! (Part Two) … and then some…

Our second day on the road from the Bay Area to Portland was certainly not as stressful, nor as eventful, but it was certainly memorable. Joy and I woke up early the next morning so we could get an early start out in hopes of being home by dinner. With every minute, our desire to just be at our parents’ house grew and grew. We hit up the free continental breakfast, downed as much coffee as we could stomach, and prepared for our next face off against Mr. Honda. In our escapades the day before, we’d learned from a few different generous men who’d stopped to help us that our biggest issue was that the cap to our radiator was broken.

These stinkin' things, man...

Fortunately, our hotel was just a half-mile from the nearest Auto Parts store! We walked down and bought a replacement piece that cost only $10. On one hand, we were glad that the damage wasn’t so severe that we’d have to take the car in for repairs, but on the other hand, we were slightly irked that a stupid $10 piece was what kept us from making it home the day before.

We put on the new piece and took Mr. Honda out for a short drive around town, just to test him out. The temperature and RPM gauges were doing great and there was no sign of any steam, so Joy and I did a little dance, checked out, refilled the radiator with more water and coolant, and set out for the open road AGAIN!

Our success was short-lived. As soon as we hit the first hill, Mr. Honda was out and out all over again. Steam pouring out from the hood, water being spat out from a different spot, and the engine was on fire (not literally… but we were concerned about it happening). We called our brilliant cousin, Josh, who used to work for Kragen and he told us to blast the heater and not to exceed the speed limit NO MATTER WHAT. As a Californian, I was almost offended by the idea of staying a speed limit the entire time, but we had no choice. The car kept overheating and we just wanted to get home. We also agreed to stop every 30-60 minutes to check the water and coolant in the radiator and give the car a chance to cool down a bit.

This is how we really feel about Mr. Honda

This is how we really feel about Mr. Honda

We cranked up the heat and set out. It was definitely an interesting experience. Fortunately, the weather was cool and since we were traveling so slow, we cracked the windows a bit to let in some fresh air.
It took us about another 5 hours to get home from Grants Pass. The drive was uneventful. I think at this point, I was beyond trying to cheer Joy up and Joy was just overwhelmed by how ridiculous our situation was. Still, we were able to laugh about it later.
When we finally pulled up to our parents’ driveway, our mom rushed out of the house to greet us and was met by Mr. Honda blasting Queen’s “We Are The Champions” and her two daughters screaming along to the song at the top of their lungs. I was so happy I cried. Still, in his own way, we were taught so much by Our Dad about how we manage high-stress situations and the joy of having a sense of humor through situations like this one. We also learned a whole lot about cars!
The rest of the week was wonderful. Our family got in some really blessed time together and I managed to get a ton of stuff done. Aside from watching the Olympics and doing some shopping, we simply enjoyed one another’s company, talked about the future, and ate some amazing food.
Joy and I were also glad to have each other for the most frustrating road-trip experiences we’ve had so far and were grateful that in the end, we were able to laugh about it. Here are some of the highlights of our trip:

Happier, now that we're out of the car and eating GIANT sushi!

Happier, now that we're out of the car and eating GIANT sushi!!

This is classic.  Just look at Joy's face's reaction to Daniel.

This is classic. Just look at Joy's reaction to Daniel

Toby, I'll miss you so much.

Toby, I'll miss you so much.

This is Dad's first shot at being a hand-and-face model.

This is Dad's Hand-and-Face Model Test Shot

My next post will be from Beijing, China! See y’all then… I hope you enjoyed reading about our experience more than we did going through it!



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2 responses to “More Road Trip CHAOS! (Part Two) … and then some…

  1. Kats

    whoa… i hope the next post isn’t about the airplane engine over-heating… Have a nice LONG flight!

  2. Toshi

    Have a safe flight to Beijing! Miss you already!

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