Hello Tokyo!

Well, here I am folks in foggy, smoggy Tokyo. This airport is everything I expected. The uniforms are cute, the entire place is immaculate, and the toilets/bathrooms are cool!

The flight over was super smooth and much shorter than I’d originally anticipated. I think it ended up being just over 9 hours. I wasn’t tired at all, so I Sudoku’d to my hearts content and watched a few movies. One completely sucked (do NOT watch Deception with Ewan MacGregor and Hugh Jackman. Blech. Waste of time), but the other was completely delightful and definitely helped lift my spirits. I’ll admit that every time I went to use the lavatory, I would sit on the toilet and suddenly burst into tears! I just couldn’t get the image of my mom waving to me at the security check point at PDX out of my mind. I just kept thinking and meditating upon the purpose of my trip and the joy it will bring Dad to see me grow and learn from the experiences he’s planned for me.

Oh! And in case you’re wondering, the movie was a French film called Priceless starring Audrey Tatou. It was a little bit of an off-beat romantic comedy, but it was really original and the acting was really good.

I also took Timmy Hino’s advice and got some Japanese grub while waiting here at the airport. I may run off and grab one more snack before I board because everything here looks off the chain. EVERYTHING. Even the bottled beverages look good! I’m assuming a lot of this is driven by my American consumerist mentality, but walking around the snack bar areas of the terminal is like being in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory except not free and not with a bunch of creepy, spoiled white kids from around the world. For now, I’m quite satisfied with my big bowl of Spicy Ramen.

I hope I made you proud, Timmy.

I hope I made you proud, Timmy.

That’s about it for now. I’m not sure when I’ll have internet access, but I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures and write more later. Thanks everyone for thinking of me– here’s to another smooooth flight (*Grace takes big ol’ swig of ramen broth*)!!



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3 responses to “Hello Tokyo!

  1. Toshi

    ahhh real japanese ramen… I’m glad that your journey is going well so far. can’t wait until your next update!

  2. Aura

    Thanks for sharing your website! Why are you going to China???

  3. SeanMichael


    i didn’t realize you were stopping in Tokyo!

    I totally watched Priceless on my Tokyo flight like a week ago! SOOOO good.
    I want to pimp myself out for a Vespa.

    and Japanese ramen!
    so jealous.

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