Blogs Without Photos Are Booooring

Hello all!

For some reason, I’ve been having some issues uploading photos onto my blog.  So I commend those of you who actually read through my previous, very long entry that contained no visual stimuli whatsoever!  Here are the photos that I wanted to put into that blog, so feel free to catch up.  It looks like for now, the only way to upload photos onto my computer is to send them to Jason and have them inset them into my blog.  I’ll try to keep updating and hopefully find a way to upload them, but for now (and maybe for the rest of the year) this will have to suffice.  Enjoy!



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4 responses to “Blogs Without Photos Are Booooring

  1. Margaret Kim

    I love your place, and your new bike too.
    It really does have a character.
    I can imagine you on that bike all over the campus and even Beijing.
    I miss you!

  2. Jean Choi

    Nice pad! And maid service – that’s nuts!

    Funny you met a guy named Soltani – that’s the name of Mike’s favorite Persian food (3 big hunks of assorted meats – as if it would be anything else).

    Enjoy this great adventure of yours and be well!

  3. Marky B

    Nice Bike! And you have a basket for groceries! and a rack for propane tanks! and 14 shoe boxes! and a bag full of styrophoam! and some plastic bottles! And room to spare for anyone else that wants to ride along!

  4. Toshi

    You look so cute with your bike! And your new apartment looks great!

    Don’t worry, I’ll keep reading your blogs regardless of whether you post photos or not. It’s exciting to hear about your little adventures!

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