Happy Autumn Festival!

This weekend I joined the Chinese masses and went outside, stared at the moon, and thought about my family while I scarfed down some yue bing (moon cakes).  Johnson and Sunny invited me out to enjoy the Autumn Festival with them at the famous Summer Palace.  This was the first time I got to celebrate it and- appropriately- I did think about my family as I stared at the burnished moon as it rose over Beijing.  I thought about my mom who is now on Skype 24/7, either because she’s always waiting for me or because she just hasn’t figured out how to sign off.  I thought about my dad who works tirelessly and was probably just waking up to start his 6am day as I was out eating dinner.  I thought about my amazing sister who exceeds me in maturity any day.  I thought about my unique brother whom I could probably write novels about– whom I think about while on the bus or train and start laughing uncontrollably while onlookers ponder my sanity.  Of course, I thought of Jason who was probably scarfing down the same moon cakes (and avoiding the yolk, which I actually don’t mind) and all of my extended family and friends back home.  So I guess you could say this was my first real Autumn Festival… in every sense of the word.

The Summer Palace is HUGE.  According to Johnson (who printed out a 10-page guide to the Summer Palace for me, complete with a map and info on each landmark), it is 700 hetacres large and about five-sixths of it is water.  It was really crowded when we went because everyone had gathered to look at the moon, but was still lovely and a welcome escape from the metropolitan landscapes we’ve all grown accustomed to.

They were great and patient tour guides and taught me a few more phrases of Chinese and I tried to teach them how to pronounce “hetacres.”

In any case, here are some of the highlighted photos from our outing.  Enjoy, and Happy Autumn Festival!



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2 responses to “Happy Autumn Festival!

  1. Toshi

    As always, your pictures are absolutely amazing! I’m glad you had a good time celebrating the holiday!

  2. Tony

    Grace! I love reading your blogs, it’s as if we’re out on one of our meal escapades and having a conversation…. I miss you. It seems as if you’re having an amazing time. I’m so happy and proud of you. Keep writing, and I’ll keep reading. BTW, I’m completely serious about flying out there and experiencing china a bit. Let me know if its possible and when is the best time for you. Take care of yourself and send my regards to Jason. Love ya. Tony

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