Halloween in China Ushers in New Milestones in US History

What did I do for Halloween in China? What any self-respecting American citizen would do on a US National Holiday– go to a karaoke buffet, eat a lot of mediocre food, and sing Mariah Carey tributes like it\’s my j-o-b. Well, I guess it was sort of my j-o-b since I went with my students from the local corporate company that I teach evening classes at. So it was definitely the first time I passed on costumes and candy joy for a traditional Chinese songs and the loss of 20% of my hearing. Normally, I don\’t think I would\’ve been that upset by the lack of Halloween Spirit, but I guess being away from home and not having holiday commercialization thrown into my face every time I go to the grocery store made me miss it a little.
In any case, Halloween joy was still had, thanks to Dana\’s endearing affinity for all things Napoleon… Dynamite that is. She had (probably China\’s first ever) Napoleon Dynamite theme party and I came dressed as Pedro. You can all laugh and/or marvel at that stunning stache I managed to grow in mere seconds. I know somewhere out there is an Asian man with patchy facial hair that is intensely jealous.
Most importantly, though, Halloween ushered in the most triumphant moment in US History to occur within my lifetime. I\’m sure nearly everyone back home caught McCain\’s impressively gracious concession speech and Obama\’s amazing acceptance. I was glued to my TV watching CNN as the electoral votes quickly accelerated in his favor and of course, cried like a baby when he won. It is so amazing that I can look back when I have children and grandchildren and tell them about the day the first black president was elected. With all this excitement, it made me a little sad that I couldn\’t be at home with my family and friends celebrating and reclaiming my shambled sense of pride in America. Still, this only means I have something more to look forward to when I come back as I watch how the United States begins to pick up the pieces of the past unfortunate eight years from China.
Oh other good news– I was fortunate to have a taste of the US in China a few weeks ago! Annie and Lawrence came out to Beijing and I was lucky enough to catch them for dinner the night before their flight out. They shared about their experience traveling around the world and it was a huge encouragement just to see old friends, but also to see all the work that is being done around the world.
With Halloween past, the glow of the election still shining brightly, and a lecture on San Francisco about to start in 30 minutes (so I\’ve gotta go run and shower!), today I know I can finally say I am so proud to be an American.



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2 responses to “Halloween in China Ushers in New Milestones in US History

  1. Toshi

    Seeing you in your Pedro outfit almost (not not quite) forget what you actually look like. Fret not, in my mind you still look like you, a quirky Korean girl and not like a moustachioed Latino boy. But that is a great look on you!

    Still thinking of you!

  2. Yoookie.

    GRACIE! i miss you a lot.
    I haven’t had the time to read all your posts, so sorry for not keeping up!
    I’m super stressed with college apps right now.
    I hope you’re having a really good time! But… I also secretly want you to just come home now. :]

    I hope you’ve made many friends.
    Hope to check in again soon!

    Missing you,

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