A funny thing happened in Beijing…

I\’ve been keeping a photographic record of funny things I\’ve seen around Beijing. A few of you faithful readers may recall the most excellent menus that they have at our campus dining commons. Well, here are a few others to enjoy at the expense of this big, developing city.

Only In China Will You Find…

#1 … Jackie Chan serenading you from the television screen. I was flipping channels when I stumbled across this site. Jackie is actually a really talented singer! He was throwing a big gala to celebrate the success of the Olympics and honor the foreign athletes. Jackie Chan is quite the philanthropist. He\’s also opened a few coffee shops around China and donates the proceeds to children in need. There\’s one in ZhongGuanCun, an area right next to WuDaoKou. I\’m sure I\’ll check it out eventually.

#2 … a group of grown adults jumping rope… and TOTALLY kicking butt at it. This is my class practicing for the jump rope competition (yes, there\’s a jump rope competition). This was a while ago, but since then, they\’ve WON the competition! They jump rope differently– they get into lines and each take turns running through the rope and jumping over it when it hits the ground. My class had over 200 jumps in 3 minutes.

#3 … is The Devil Wears Prada rated PG-13 for \”Martial Arts Violence and Some Sexuality.\” Self-explanatory.

#4 … can you get \”Crunky\” at the Korean Market. Lil\’ Jon would be so proud.



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2 responses to “A funny thing happened in Beijing…

  1. Toshi

    I saw Crunky bars while in Japan too! I thought it was the funniest thing!

  2. SeanMichael

    fauxlaroids are AMAZING!!!

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