You see chocolate…

I see a plastic treasure trove of gold-foiled magic. I see silky chocolate perfection cloaking a perfectly toasted hazelnut heart. I see 16 (well, now 14) therapy sessions on days when the weather is too cold, the people too blunt, and classes too tiring. I see a fat chunk of my paycheck given back to me with well wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving. I see my mom telling me to practice the utmost self control. Which I will, but only so I can keep the Ferrero Rochers for as long as I humanly can.

Aw man. I love chocolate. Especially when it is free… and delicious… and melamine-free.



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2 responses to “You see chocolate…

  1. Komo

    Halmunee and I read this post together then she sent you an email…one of her first real emails (in English at least). Love the pictures! Miss you XOXO

  2. Briza

    You my friend are an artist. Your way with words makes me go like this :).

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