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A quick update + Bonus Funny Story (if you’re Korean)

It’s been a long time since the last post and I’m sure I’ll be writing a LONG one with many photos to follow-up the holidays… so here’s just a little tidbit to keep you entertained until the next post.

Beijing is cold and dry and only getting colder and drier. And oddly enough, I actually enjoy it a little. I’m getting used to the cold and am not as affected by it as I’d expected to be. The one thing that it DOES affect is that I am ridiculously tired all of the time. Doing menial tasks like going to the grocery store or picking up some produce becomes so much more of a big deal and I end up collapsing when I get home.

In any case, things are great and I can’t complain! I’m really looking forward to the holidays and the end of the semester… but I get one extra day off next week, on which I plan on sitting around and watching Holiday movies and listening to Christmas music in my jammies and wool socks.

Okay, one last unrelated but still entertaining thing I’ve been wanting to post about:

Beijing will soon be opening the doors to one of the first SEVEN-star hotels in the world. It’s a huge building built to resemble a dragon and overlooks the picturesque Water Cube, Bird’s Nest, and Beijing highway. Hmm… you’d think if they were going for seven stars, they would’ve thought location through a little more.

In any case, this hotel is an exciting endeavor for the city of Beijing and for China as its tourism market continues to boom and has already hosted the likes of Bill Gates!

And the carefully selected name for said seven-star luxury hotel?

Pangu Plaza Hotel. If you’re Korean, you’ll understand why this is so hilarious and why I giggle like a second-grader every time I pass its giant, glorious, glowing sign on my way to work.



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