Things that I’m Afraid of in China & Other Stuff

I was just realizing today that I’ve completely gotten over fears that I had when I first came to China. Things like accidentally eating dog or getting lost in Beijing seem trivial now… but the things I’m ACTUALLY now afraid of now that I’m 6 months into my stint seem completely ridiculous… but here they are anyway:

1) Getting the wretched Asian woman pancake butt. Yes, folks. Of all the things that could happen to me in China, this is the one that tops the list. I may not be proud of any of my physical aspects, but the sheer existence of a rear end in China is something to be appreciated. I would be really upset if I lost mine.

2) Slipping on the squatty potty and falling in. I’ve seen how those things are cleaned. Or not-cleaned.

3) Throwing up in a taxi. It could happen more easily than you think… I almost ALWAYS get a little ill in the taxis in BJ and given how crazy the drivers are, sticking your head out the window to barf could mean you end up at your destination decapitated.

4) Trying clothing on in a shopping center. Clothes at regular chain stores where fitting rooms are available are usually really expensive, so you are better off buying clothes at a giant market where you have to bargain. The fitting rooms there consist of a shower curtain and the worker’s ability to hold it up while you struggle to try change in their tiny booths. I’m wary enough of just being told, “We don’t have GIANT sizes that would ever fit YOU!” So the thought of dropping trou and having a skinny worker girl’s ability to hold up a thin curtain being your only saving grace is EXTREMELY scary.

In other news… things are going well. I’m really starting to appreciate this city more and more and am making lots of friends who are fun to explore Beijing with.

Dear, dear Dana Weld recently left our team in China to go back to the states. I won’t go into how much she is missed here because it would take forever and I have two classes to prepare for! But here is a link to a Facebook album with photos from her Farewell Party.

Dana, we miss you and we love you so much! Beijing experienced a HUGE loss when you left!


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