I am not particularly smart, funny, or poignant. However, other people in the world are and many of my students are absolutely hilarious. I created this page on my blog to give them credit for the brilliant things that they say and to share them with you. I hope you will find some of them as brilliant, inspiring, thought-provoking, and hysterical as I do.


When asked to give a description of someone from his family, my student Dennis said:
“I would like to introduce to you my wife. She is very fat and ugly. However, she is kind and very warm-hearted. I believe maybe her inside is more beautiful than her outside.”

While covering a chapter on “Crossing Cultures” and going abroad, I asked my students to tell me one thing they would never miss about their home country. Charles said:
“One thing I would never miss about China is the milk.”

“Girls always look on themselves as proud princesses, with the exception of a small number of either extremely ugly or exceedingly smart ones.” -printed on a little notebook sold in a supermarket


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