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Dope vs. Wack

Dope(adj.) of high excellence, ingenious, good, great, and/or awesome; often interchanged with “fresh, cool, fly, saucy”

as in:

These green tea flavored Kit Kat bars from Tokyo are dope.

Wack (adj.) not good, stupid, resulting from unintelligent decision-making, causing grief or trouble; often interchanged with “ain’t even legit, sorry, uncool”

as in:

Having our hot water turned off for three days, misspelling “operation,” and adding unnecessary hyphens into words are all wack.

It should also be duly noted that “dope” can also be used as a noun meaning heroine.

as in:

Whitney Houston told Diane Sawyer that crack is cheap, but avoids questions about dope.  At that time, her career was wack.



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